STS Blow Out Kit - Alpha :
STS Blow Out Kit -Charlie :
STS Blow Out Kit - Bravo :

The STS Blow-Out Kit ® is our most compact trauma kit. It’s similar to our Immediate Response Kit, but half the size and weight. Made out of Cordura for extra durability. It comes with an Israeli Bandage, compressed gauze, and other space saving items.

The STS Blow-Out Kit ® - is our second generation Blow-Out Kit designed for those who need a more lightweight and compact trauma kit. This kit has an assortment of trauma dressings needed to treat several life-threatening injuries associated with trauma. It can be used to stop heavy bleeding, seal a sucking chest wound, or maintain an airway. It also comes with our Trauma Fast Action Card, which provides important instructions for treating trauma related injuries.

The opitonal STS H-Harness is an adjustable harness used to secure the STS Blow-Out Kit to a vehicle's sun visor. The special H-harness has a quick release system sewn into it so that the Blow-Out Kit can be quickly accessed in the event of an emergency. Each kit comes with two belt loops for carrying the Blow-Out Kit on a duty belt.

The STS Blow-Out Kit ® - comes in a variety of mounting configurations. It can be worn on a duty belt, attached to a MOLLE compatible vest or pack, carried in a cargo pocket, or mounted to a sun visor in a vehicle. This extremely versatile trauma kit is an essential piece of emergency gear for anyone operating in a high threat environment. There are three load outs available for this kit. They are listed below.

Weight: 14 oz. - 18 oz. , Size: 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 2"
Available colors: black, desert cammo, ACU, and olive drab